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Quite a modest task- charging foam fire extin-
guishers for militarized mine rescue units (MMRU) of Lugansk region In 1948 creation of mechanical workshops was solved.

The functions of these workshops began to broaden quickly. Maintenance, repair of mine rescue equipment and then creation of its own air and oxygen respirators equipment, fire-prevention equipment have turned the workshops into the factory with high production culture, qualified personnel, modern equipment and technology.

Unceasing engineering search, use of advanced scientific achievements in combination with organizational work of the administration of mine rescue units have provided the basis of progress experimental production. The factory becomes known in Europe and all over the world already in several years after its creation under the name "Experimental factory of mine rescue apparatus and equipment". Its products: respirators "Lugansk-2", "PBк-1", self-rescuers CK-4, CK-5, light diving apparatus "Ukraine-2", pistol hydrant цо-3 were generally recognized in the Soviet Union and abroad.

Over seventy names of products were manufactured and improved at the factory in the seventies. This process has been going on till now. New and more perfect equipment has been produced: ьCM-30, the whole range of equipment: AхP, ABX, цC, ACB and others. The principal advantage of the equipment and the article of pride of the factory workers is the absense of operation failures, hundreds of rescued lived, 14 world records in. underwater sports with apparatus "Ukraine-2", extinguishing thousands of underground and surface fires by means of the equipment manufactured by the factory. Manufacture of fire prevention plants Oоь-100, соь-1000, of complex generators of inert gases цхц, of different types of buses and vehicles, box-base for intensive treatment of the victims including rehabilitation of cosmonauts and manufacture of other equipment have confirmed the power of the accumulated potential.

The fifty-year-old stage of the making and development allows the factory to manufacture equipment meeting all requirements of the world standards and at times even superior to foreign samples.

    Madrid 1996 Spain - HORIZONT

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